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"Aim for the moon in the sky, even if you miss, you will find yourself among the stars."

Inspired by the mystery and radiance of the stars, our brand, named after Bendis, the Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology, is shaped by the magical touches of its designer Beril Çatay...

Bendis brand, born in 2013, produces collections that reflect today's free and strong female spirit and make people feel happy and special by giving color to their designs with the harmony of contrasts and contradictions.

Bendis blends the energy he takes from the mystical and fairy-tale land of his geography with his timeless designs and adapts this to today's fashion with special handwork.

Preferred by famous television stars, Bendis created another exclusive brand called BENDIS ATELIER, an eye-catching brand that takes longer to manufacture and is produced in limited numbers using natural stones and metals. Bendis Atelier continues to produce extraordinary pieces by hand.

May your shine always be….